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[Owner] Anima   published Free Obtainable ranks! on News
[Owner] AnimaNew autoranks have been set up!

Current config:

Guest --> Member | 1 hour
Member --> Active | 24 hours
Active --> Dedicated | 72 hours
[Owner] AnimaUpdate:
RTP distance increased to 30,000 & cool down reduced to 200 seconds
[Owner] AnimaWhat are the perks in voting? You can find out here! - [link]
Voting Perks
1 Tekkit Legends server
[Owner] Anima   published Tekkit Realm's Ban item list on News
[Owner] AnimaThe banned item list is now live on the forums, you are able to follow the link to take a look. All items are ban for a reason whether it can be used for grieving or extremely buggy items, these items are ban to make your playing experience better than ever.

Banned Item List
1 Tekkit Legends server
[Owner] Animatest
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[Owner] Anima   created a new website titled Tekkit Realm on Enjin
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